About No Limo

Don't drink limo ... drink No Limo!


Limo with an "i" not an "e", of course.  That's because in German language "Limonade" is spelled with an "i". And we didn't want to produce just another  Lemonade, not again, but to create a drink simply with that certain extra.  The result are our 


Botanical Sodas!

What makes No Limo so special? Carefully selected condiments meet the full-bodied taste of fresh fruits, smoothly carbonized. And to ensure  nothing of the superb taste  get's lost, we don't even forgo the natural deposit.


That's what No Limo is all about.


In our No Limo we add premium fresh juice of organic quality solely with natural ingredients and macerates blended with crystal clear water of the Bergstraße. We call sugar sugar, nothing else. Direct juice of lemon, rhubarb or raspberry are sour and do need sweetness. We take beet sugar but don't cover this by using nice sounding descriptive. We don't even use substitutes  because sugar has another big advantage: sugar is cultivated and processed in southern Germany - it's regional and not carried around the world. 


To gain the smooth sparkling we want to have, each and every No Limo will be carbonized carefully for several days. The results are fine fizzy fruits.


No Limo is vegan and made in organic quality. All ingredients are of premium quality and absolutely natural. That's the reason why both taste and appearance may vary depending on the sort, regional origin and time of harvest of each fruit. That's pure nature and represents extraordinary products. 


Shake your No Limo slightly before consumption.  Cold fizzy fruits are sparkling best.



THE Team


Gabriele flashes with the No Limo Rocket through the streets and takes care about our partners and vendors with passion and heart, enabling her to create new delicious sorts of No Limo.


Markus uses the No Limo Delivery to bring No Limo to our clients and connoisseurs.  That's only realistic with best possible support.

the story

While cruising through the tiny Hessian Bergstraße in summer mood the idea for No Limo came up.


Delightful freshness, vineyards, fruit meadow in sight, the scent of recently cut gras and a glimpse of herbes. We were desperately looking for a drink that reflects this impression. But the only drinks we found were juices, softdrinks or different kinds of water. Nothing that combines naturalness and freshness tasting aromatically and makes you want more.


We didn't want to be content with "too bad". So we knuckled, pressed different fruits, added various aromatics, herbes and unexpected ingredients until we created our botanical sodas. Drinks with a certain something. Savory refresher needn't taste boring sweet or have to came along clumsy.


No Limo was born - and what's next?


Together we represent management experience for more then 50 years in real estate industry and financial sector. We decided to produce No Limo by our own. And her she is - no softdrink, no spritzer, no juice. 


No Limo ... Fizzy Fruits!


In our small manufacture, 100% handmade, filled in beautiful bottles - pure, full of flavor and with a tiny squirt for a big 'wow' effect.





No Limo. Cheers!

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